Future Projects





In addition to having adapted the Off Broadway musical, “SHOUT!” into a script for television, Andrew has completed a pilot for t.v. tentatively titled “The White House.”  Without divulging too much, “The White House” is an over-the-top, politically incorrect comedy focusing on four strong women of two generations and ethnic backgrounds living under the same roof.  In the same genre as classically shot situation comedies, “The White House” would be (hopefully) video taped in front of a live, studio audience.

Currently Andrew has teamed up with writer Samantha Williams on an early 1900’s Period television series, tentatively titled “Brothers.” The limited series is character driven and based upon true events of a short lived American family dynasty.



Mr. Sarewitz has written three dialogue driven plays (three Additional pieces are in the works). 

1. A four character multi-generational family comedy/drama titled Through Chartreuse Colored Glasses.  A self-isolated man faces the early onset of Alzheimers while developing an unlikely relationship with his estranged granddaughter after 15 years without any communications. Two addition characters: The mother who facilitates her daughter’s meeting with a father-in-law she hates without considering the ramifications when the two become close. And the full time caretaker. A transgender American American woman who has an unusual and unlikely alliance with “the old man” no-one can understand.

2. Five Men, Four Beds is a multi-character play focusing on the friendship between five roommates sharing a loft space in New York City.  Though the action takes place within the loft, all the men work in the sexually charged world of a popular, fictional gay bar.  The concept was borne from Andrew’s fascination with the sociology of straight men hired to work in their underwear serving drinks primarily to gay men.  Not necessarily a “gay” play,  the culture and circumstance are always present.  But front and center is the family these five men have formed after years of friendship. Closed Reading in New York City on March 18, 2019. Cast: Dayne Doyle, Adam Griffith, J.W. Harvey, Vince Oddo, Ruthe Ponturo, Taylor Turner. Austin Film Festival: September, 2019, Five Men, Four Beds advanced to the festival’s 2nd Round for adaptation of story/script to film.

3. Madame Andrèe. Honorable Mention: 2018 Writers Digest Competition. Honorable Mention: New Works of Merit Contest. Winner, Loyola University, New Orleans: Madame Andrèe won First Place and the opening spot in Stage to Screen New Playwrights Competition Series, San Jose, CA.  Performances at Morgan Hill Playhouse, Morgan Hill, CA: Tuesday, August 13 - Sunday, August 18, 2019. 

This one-character play, performed by three women simultaneously, is based on the true life events of Nancy Wake, A.K.A. the “White Mouse,” one of the most significant heroines of the French Resistance during the Second World War. Though historical, the similarities of a woman’s struggle then versus today keep this story relevant and contemporary. At its height, Nancy Wake was one female spy among thousands of men fighting for freedom while refusing to compromise who she was as a woman.  And what a woman she was.   



In addition to writing and submitting individual essays for publication and competition (see “About Me” and “Published Work” for accepted pieces), Andrew is working on a collection of his short stories tentatively titled, Truth...and Other Fiction. Primarily works of nonfiction, many of the pieces are autobiographical memoirs, some gay in genre.  Please go to “Published Work” to read short stories that are available on-line.