About Me



Born in South Orange, NJ, Andrew moved to New York City at 18. At 17, Andrew was awarded a Letter of Commendation from the Second Annual American Song Festival for music and lyrics. In 2013, a new work titled "A Town Called Home" (music: Kendall Briggs, lyrics: Andrew Sarewitz) was performed by Timothy McDevitt at Grace Church, Newark, NJ, in concert benefitting Hedrick-Martin Institute. In addition to drafting more than 100 musical compositions, Andrew has written several short stories (published pieces listed below) as well as scripts for various media. His play, “Madame Andrèe” received Honorable Mentions from both the 2018 Writers Digest Competition, Stage/Screenplay Division and the 2018 New Works of Merit Contest. “Madame Andrèe” has won the opening spot at San Jose, California’s Stage to Screen New Playwrights Series in the summer of 2019. Performances run from Tuesday, August 12 to Sunday, August 18, at Morgan Hill Community Playhouse, Morgan Hill, CA. Mr. Sarewitz also has authored numerous historical and critical artist essays with a primary focus on twentieth century non-conformist art from Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states.

Andrew is currently working on a collection of short stories, including a selection of those previously published, tentatively titled "Truth...and Other Fiction," as well as individual essays, primarily in the creative non-fiction genre.  

Mr. Sarewitz credits his initial appreciation for literature and story-telling to Ludwig Bemelmans and his love of words to Joni Mitchell.  


Published essays and short stories:

  • 2011, "My Father" released by Untreed Reads, San Francisco.

  • 2013, "Project Gus" released by Untreed Reads, San Francisco.

  • 2016, Essay for "A Giant of 20th Century Russian Art, Vladimir Nemuhkin;" June 6, ArtDaily.

  • 2016, "Stephen was..." Plenitude Magazine, June 8 issue, British Columbia.

  • 2017, "Tale of the Sisters Landau," July 19 release, Summer Issue, Cobalt Press, Baltimore.

  • 2017, "In the First Person," July 5 release, Summer Issue, Chelsea Station Magazine, New York.

  • 2017, "The Banquet," Issue #1:03, Autumn, Yes + No Magazine, London.

  • 2018, “...and into the Fire,” June 27 release, Pride Month Issue, NYMBM, New York.

  • 2018: “The Big Sneeze (The Privileged Years)” November 15 release, Autumn Issue, Jenny Magazine, YSU Student Literary Arts Association, Youngstown University, Ohio.

  • 2019, “Miss Marcia,” Spring release, Cobalt Press, Baltimore.

  • 2019, “The Wholly Separate Sides,” Spring release, NYMBM, New York..